What is Wedding Music Advisor™ ?

As a musician, you likely want to streamline the ceremony music selection process for your wedding couples. Gone are the days of making tapes or CDs or custom websites. Wedding Music Advisor (WMA) is here to get your repertoire online within minutes. Once your musician's account is established with us, you login and select which titles you play. You then give your couple your URL web address for WMA, and they listen to your selections (as many times as they like) and make their decision.

Email us to request more information about using our services for your wedding music repertoire selections.
We will respond after returning from the convention. Best wishes!

Notes and Disclaimers

  • The audio samples presented here are for selection purposes only. They strive to represent the musical composition faithfully. Musical performance interpretations may vary (louder/softer, slower/faster) among all musicians (even the same musician playing the same piece at a later time) - the musician is an artist and responds to the excitement of the moment to provide the thrill and responsiveness of live music. And, as with all instruments, the sound will vary depending on the instrument, acoustics of the room (including how many people are in the room to absorb the sound), and even the temperature and humidity-- thus the demonstrations here will not be exactly as will be performed on your wedding day. They are meant to give you a sense of the melody and mood of the piece. Having an acoustic instrument (as opposed to a synthesizer) and a live musician (as opposed to a CD recording) allows the magic of the moment to unfold in real time to most deeply affect the souls and spirits of your friends and family who are sharing a most wonderful day in your life.
  • The vast array of titles shown here are of course not every possible musical selection that's ever been played at a wedding ceremony: there are many traditions, styles, and musical tastes. However, it is a good cross-section of the commonly used titles in traditional classical/religious (protestant) ceremonies in the U.S. culture. It is also necessary for you to confirm your selections because your particular officiant, venue, or musician may not allow or be able to perform a given title in your given circumstances.




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